1 WHOLE DAY in an 1899 Victorian mansion!

We have to go back here! It costs $$$ to rent for the day! It's a 4-level Victorian mansion built in 1899. Have to match our old footage from August 2016! Movie magic, good lighting, costumes, and same haircuts! 

It's very easy.

Cubby is being produced by my (Mark Jr's) LLC The Rock & The Ripe which is dedicated to theatre, film, and art created to inspire change, acceptance, and most importantly a better future for LGBTQ youth.

The Rock & The Ripe LLC is FISCALLY SPONSORED by The Brooklyn Arts Council. While your donation goes to Mark to help finish CUBBY, a percentage will go to Brooklyn Arts Council which provides arts training and outreach for youth in the borough of Brooklyn! The organization has been around for 50 years.


When you get there, please fill in all the boxes. The website is secure and encrypted. Please put THE ROCK & THE RIPE LLC in the box to designate your donation to my production. Also add MARK@CUBBYFILM.com, so I get a notification, and dedicate to Ann Souronis, my late aunt who lived in new york city for many years.

My film is about finding hope and healing. This movie is helping me achieve that.
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